HZPC Selects Persephone for Its Primary Genome Browser

12:11 11 May in General News

Ceres, Inc., an agricultural biotechnology company, today announced that the company has licensed its Persephone bioinformatics software to global seed potato developer, HZPC Holland BV. The software license agreement provides a non-exclusive license to HZPC as well as professional support services. HZPC is the most recent multi-national life sciences company to adopt Persephone as its primary genome browser. Originally developed for in-house use by Ceres, the Persephone software allows researchers to store, access and explore DNA databases in much the same way online mapping programs allow users to explore geographic regions and locations. Today, hundreds of life scientists around the globe...

Release of and Migration to .NET 4.5

00:00 13 October in General News

Our latest update ( consolidates several database tables, making the data structure more consistent and easy to use. We introduced a tree structure for tracks. Now the map tracks can be grouped together, which facilitates showing/hiding multiple tracks with one click. Visibility of tracks in vertical and horizontal view is saved between user sessions. We also successfully completed the migration to .NET 4.5 and squashed some bugs on the way....

Ceres Scientist Highlights Benefits of Visualizations at Genomics Congress

00:04 12 September in Events

Ceres plant scientist Xuefeng Ma, PhD,  highlighted the impact of Persephone’s capabilities on Ceres’ research. He concluded that improved visualizations and interfaces can lead to unexpected insights and connections that would not be made if researchers looked at only the genes they’re currently working on. The poster that was presented at the Plant Genomics Congress in St. Louis was titled  “Enabling Real-Time Genome Browsing”. View Poster...