Free Web Version of Persephone

We invite you to start working with our free version of Persephone for the Web.

Our plan is to implement the features that have been in use in the desktop version of Persephone. Currently, you already can:

  • explore some popular genomes;
  • view several maps oriented vertically or horizontally;
  • add/remove, collapse/expand, link/unlink the tracks;
  • view gene or marker details;
  • search for gene or marker names or their properties;
  • run BLAST search;
  • (new!) add your own tracks  – this will require for you to register (again, free). For now, we support CSV or Excel files with positions of genomic features, such as mapped markers or location of repeats. Select the format from a drop list box to see an example of the data. We are currently working on visualization of bam files, which hopefully will show what can be done with the modern web technologies. Our sample bam file, that we are training on, is 200 GB in size. 😉

Don’t forget to roll the mouse wheel to zoom the entire stage or individual maps.

We would appreciate any feedback. Please drop us a line via the feedback form if you want us to add your favorite genome.

Happy genome-browsing!


Click the image to launch the genome browser