General News

Release of and Migration to .NET 4.5

00:00 13 October in General News

Our latest update ( consolidates several database tables, making the data structure more consistent and easy to use. We introduced a tree structure for tracks. Now the map tracks can be grouped together, which facilitates showing/hiding multiple tracks with one click. Visibility of tracks in vertical and horizontal view is saved between user sessions. We also successfully completed the migration to .NET 4.5 and squashed some bugs on the way....

Beta Testers Wanted

00:08 29 August in General News

You’re Invited to Join Our Genome-Viewer Software Test Team We are looking for life science specialists in various fields to test a new CloudService edition of our Persephone™ genome-viewer software. Persephone™ allows users to explore integrated genomics data-types from multiple public sources as well as Ceres’ own custom genome annotations. There’s also capabilities for uploading and integrating your own data. Sign Up to Join Our Beta Test Team:

Improved graphics performance

00:10 27 August in General News

We made an important change to the graphics engine. It was possible to improve an already optimized code so that the rendering speed almost doubled. This is an important improvement as Persephone handles numerous visual elements on the screen and performance of the rendering engine is crucial to the user experience....

Migration to .NET 4.5 almost completed

00:12 26 August in General News

.NET 4.5 will allow us to use the latest versions of third party controls and a managed Oracle client that has a much smaller file size and works on both 32- and 64-bit machines. This allows the main application to be served from one location for different processor architectures. In addition, while migrating to .NET 4.5 we are re-factoring the data layer which will enable the application to work with other databases....

Bayer CropScience Selects Persephone

00:16 08 July in General News

Ceres  today announced that the company has licensed its Persephone genome visualization application to Bayer CropScience. The multi-year software license and collaboration agreement provides a non-exclusive license to Bayer as well as professional services including support, customizations and maintenance. Bayer is the second multi-national life sciences company to license Persephone as its primary genome browser.

Persephone featured in Bio-IT World

00:18 25 April in General News

Persephone, the Real-Time Genome Browser By Aaron Krol Syngenta, one of the world’s largest crop engineering companies, was not in the market for a new genome browser. In 2008, Syngenta, like many companies, was using the open source program GBrowse, which is substantially similar to most commercial platforms. GBrowse has an intuitive interface for displaying genes and chromosomes, and all the basic tools, like BLAST, that users need to run in genome browsers. It didn’t seem like a particular pain point for research. But then a group of Syngenta scientists did a site visit to Ceres, a smaller bioengineering company that specializes in...