Persephone is a next-generation visualization application developed and used by leading bioinformaticians and geneticists.


Discover the difference between searching textual genomic data and visually exploring where your scientific insights take you!


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Persephone™ makes exploration of genomic data more intuitive, rich and accessible



Persephone has been designed to meet the needs of individual researchers and large organizations.

Cloud Service

The complete system can be installed on Amazon Web Services, so no additional internal hardware is needed.

Responsive Interface

The software was designed with performance in mind, handling large datasets with ease, while keeping memory usage to a minimum.

Vertical and Horizontal Layouts

Compare physical and genetic maps in vertical view, then switch to horizontal view to drill down to the nucleotide level.

In-House Installation

Persephone can be set up on premise. Our team will provide detailed instructions and will guide you through the installation process. We can also help with data loading and software integration.

Customer-led Design

Our team will work with you to develop the exact features you need.


Open local files in multiple formats, then visualize them alongside all the other data.

User Friendly

Persephone’s intuitive interface has been built based on suggestions from multiple researchers.

Visual BLAST

The users can run BLAST and evaluate its results graphically, integrated with the rest of the genomic data.


Save displayed genomic features in various formats, including FASTA and CSV.


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On-premise or Cloud installs

Floating License

  • Full control and access to database
  • Support and training for installation
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  • (optional) pre-populated database
  • (optional) Customizations available

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  • Dedicated software engineering resources
  • Dedicated support, training, and customizations
  • Full control of system
  • (optional) customized to integrate with in-house pipelines
  • (optional) pre-populated database

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For Full Demo Access (including loading your own data)

This Full Demo provides access to the entire Persephone system (including the PersephoneShell dataloader and the back end database).


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