Trademark Use Guidelines

Trademark Use Guidelines


Ceres, Inc. (“Ceres”) has prepared these guidelines (“Guidelines”) to provide general information about the appropriate use of its trademarks. These Guidelines are not an exhaustive list of Ceres’s trademark or other intellectual property rights. Ceres reserves all rights in its intellectual property, including all rights not reflected or addressed in these Guidelines. Ceres also reserves the right to modify these Guidelines at any time in its discretion. If you have a business relationship with Ceres you may be subject to additional guidelines or licensing requirements.


A non-exhaustive list of Ceres’s trademarks (the “Trademark List”) is included as Exhibit A.


The goodwill derived from using any Ceres trademark exclusively inures to the benefit of and belongs to Ceres.


In such a case, the following apply:


  • You may not use a Ceres logo (identified as Design Marks and Word & Design Marks on the Trademark List) without Ceres’s prior written permission. If you are interested in licensing a Ceres logo please request a license using the form at


  • You may use an appropriate Ceres trademark in word form only in a referential phrase to accurately describe how your product or service interacts with or uses an applicable. Ceres branded product or service, so long as such references: (i) are truthful, fair and not misleading or disparaging, and (ii) comply with these Guidelines.


  • You must present the trademark in all capital letters.


  • Where the reference to a Ceres brand product or service is primarily intended for an audience in the United States, use the trademark symbol (® or TM) as shown on the Trademark List.


  • You may not modify or abbreviate any Ceres trademark.


  • The Ceres mark must be less prominent than the name or trademark that identifies your product or service.


  • The reference to Ceres or a Ceres trademark must not create a sense of endorsement, sponsorship, or false association with Ceres or a Ceres product or service.


  • The use must not show Ceres or its products or services in a false or derogatory light.


  • You may not use any trademark in plural form.


  • All uses of a trademark should be followed by the generic name of the product or service the applicable trademark identifies (e.g., PERSEPHONE TM software).


You must include a trademark attribution statement in the materials in which a Ceres trademark appears. An example of an appropriate attribution statement is: The [insert trademarks used] trademark[s] is/are owned by Ceres, Inc. and used with permission.


  • All use of a Ceres trademark on product packaging must be pre-approved by Ceres in writing.


  • You may not incorporate any Ceres trademark into any other name or trademark.


  • You may not incorporate any Ceres trademark in a domain name, metadata or social media handle.



Trademark List

Design Marks and Word & Design Marks