COVID-19 and other SARS virus genomes loaded

COVID-19 and other SARS virus genomes loaded

16:16 07 March in General News, Web Version

The newly added feature that allows instant BLASTN comparison of aligned sequences can be applied to an interactive sequence comparison for multiple accessions of the infamous coronavirus COVID-19. We also added bat RaTG13 and bat-SL-CoVZC45 coronaviruses and an older SARS-CoV to the list:

COVID-19 in Persephone.

Select the virus accessions of interest and compare their sequences. Persephone will show the location of sequence differences relative to the known genes:

SARS viruses aligned

Solid ribbons above connect identical sequences, thin lines correspond to mismatches or indels. Zoom in to see individual nucleotides.

You can see that the modern coronavirus COVID-19 is quite distant from Bat coronavirus RaTG13 or from other coronaviruses.