Version of the Desktop Version Published

Version of the Desktop Version Published

23:23 18 December in Desktop Version

The update has a few technical improvements that make loading the marker data much faster. This is done by storing and transmitting the markers in specially-compressed binary blobs.

The Synteny matrix has now an improved responsiveness, partially due to more efficient transfer of the marker blocks.

The gene detail form got a new tab: Transcripts:Splice variants can be easily compared

It is highly interactive. All spice variants that overlap with the selected gene model are grouped and displayed together. The clicked model becomes a reference (shown with the blue background). The exons in the reference model and those that differ from the reference exons are shown in a brighter color to draw your attention. The coordinate labels can contain the residual of division of the coordinate by 3 to make it easier to see how the alternative splicing can shift the reading frame. As in many other places in Persephone, the picture can be zoomed in and out by rolling the mouse wheel.

See it in action.