Desktop Version: Sequence Is Shown for Entire Chromosomes

Desktop Version: Sequence Is Shown for Entire Chromosomes

17:57 30 April in Desktop Version

We have added a new track to the vertical view of maps – a GC-content track, previously shown in the horizontal view only. The most useful utility of this track is the ability to show poly-N spacers, drawn in blue. A quick look at a chromosome map would reveal the regions with unfinished or masked sequences, quickly showing the status of sequencing for a particular genome. Aligning several maps may illustrate the history of sequence refinement:

The entire Sorghum bicolor genome is shown. The blue bars are marking the poly-N spacers, mostly located in centromeric regions

Three versions of human chromosome 2 are shown. The blue poly-N regions are changing between the versions, suggesting the sequence refinement process.


The data loading for the GC-content track is highly optimized, which allows to overview entire chromosomes or see a detailed GC-content of a small region. Just spin the wheel!