New Persephone Technology to Be Demonstrated at Genome Conference

New Persephone Technology to Be Demonstrated at Genome Conference

07:30 21 December in Events, Software Updates

Plant and Animal Genome XXIVCeres, Inc. today announced that its genomics team will demonstrate new features of its Persephone software technology at the upcoming International Plant and Animal Genome Conference in San Diego, Calif.

Persephone makes it possible for researchers to organize, store, access and explore a diverse array of DNA-related information in much the same way online mapping programs allow users to explore geographic regions and locations. Today, hundreds of life scientists around the globe use Persephone, with more companies and scientists expected to convert from older tools.

For 2016, Ceres has introduced a new data management application, named PersephoneShell, which automates most aspects of the data importing, updates and deletions for numerous file formats. The company has also introduced a more powerful export engine capable of exporting a diverse array of genomics information in different formats.

Tim Swaller, Ceres Vice President of Genomics Technologies, noted that Persephone was designed from the beginning with large, rapidly growing datasets in mind, including whole genome samples. “Despite the growing size of genomics data files, we continue to increase the speed and performance of Persephone,” he said.

Other new software features include an optimized drag-n-drop file option that provides a quick view of data without the need for loading the data into the database, new data management and visualization options for full trait ontologies and a new streamlined QTL interface. The Persephone team has also increased its online documentation support system.

In addition to crop research, Ceres markets Persephone to companies and institutions in the human and biomedical fields, where DNA-related information is analyzed and used in a similar manner to plants. The Persephone platform can be installed either within a customer’s own IT infrastructure or in the cloud using Amazon Web Services. Ceres also offers a free demo software system that customers can install and evaluate at

“We believe that Persephone can become the common denominator to visualize genetic information across hundreds if not thousands of full genome samples from a myriad of public and private sources,” said Swaller.