The Free Web Version Released

The Free Web Version Released

00:23 12 January in General News

We are happy to announce that the first pilot version of Persephone for Web has been rolled out at Our plan is to migrate the major functionality of the fully-featured commercial version to the free web application. For now, you can simultaneously view several maps with multiple tracks, smoothly zoom in all the way to the nucleotide level, align genetic and sequence maps linked by common markers, connect orthologous genes and thus visualize synteny between different species, run BLAST search and show results graphically. It is easier to overview the whole chromosomes when the maps are oriented vertically. If you prefer to see the sequence, the individual maps or the whole stage can be displayed horizontally.

Please note, this version is a work in progress, it does not yet show quantitative tracks (e.g.,RNA-seq), variant tracks (SNPs and indels), synteny matrices of the whole genome comparisons, QTLs, expression tracks, etc. All this is planned for the next releases.

Please try it out and let us know what you think, your feedback is valuable.

Thank you